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Monday, April 02, 2007

The OJ Simpson Case--Witness hiding........Part 2

Judge Lance Ito, Johnnie Cochran, and Christopher Darden conversing:

"THE COURT: All right. Mr. Cochran, you had one other matter.

MR. COCHRAN: Yes, your Honor.

THE COURT: Thank you.

MR. COCHRAN: The Court will recall yesterday that the Court had instructed the People to give us the list of their remaining witnesses at nine o'clock today.


MR. COCHRAN: And we are 9:18 now.

THE COURT: We are curious?

MR. COCHRAN: Yes. We want to know so I'm just calling to inquire on that.

MR. DARDEN: Your Honor, Mr. Hodgman will be down a little later in the morning with that information at about 10:30, if that is okay."

Johnnie Cochran was Sweating it out as was OJ Simpson.

This is Judge Lance Ito talking to one of The OJ Simpson Criminal Case Prosecutor's, Bill Hodgman, on June 28th, 1995:

"THE COURT: Back on the record in the Simpson matter. All parties are again present. We also have present with us Deputy District Attorney William Hodgman. Good morning, Mr. Hodgman.
MR. HODGMAN: Good morning, your Honor.

THE COURT: Do you have some word for us?

MR. HODGMAN: Well, I have some words in the sense that I have a request. There are certain things going on, your Honor, that I am supervising and coordinating at the moment. I was going to ask the Court for tomorrow morning because we should have these things resolved by tomorrow morning. They are very late breaking and the investigative efforts will be determinative."

This testimony above that I posted in The OJ Simpson Case Criminal trial was all-about Rocky Bateman, that's a FACT. I know.............. The Prosecution were all ready to "USE" Rocky Bateman to frame OJ Simpson (LOT'S behind this). When the article that Bill Boyarsky wrote on me came out in The L.A. Times on June 23rd, 1995 about some of my personal involvement in The Oj Simpson Case, from what I heard, certain prosecution people "FLIPPED OUT," and MORE.........Everyone can read this L.A. Times article on my link that has some of My Legal Documents from The OJ Simpson Case and Saga. Please scroll down near the bottom.

"ODDLY," or/well, NOT oddly enough, Bill Hodgman's next response to the court regarding this matter "IS NOT" in the Walraven transcript's, but I watched it live. Bill Hodgman told the court, with words to the effect, that the prosecution was NOT going to pursue, as Hodgman put it, this "very late breaking and the investigative efforts." Then, as I recall, Bill Hodgman had the records SEALED, or in perfect terms, COVERED-UP.

Marcia Clark on June 29th, 1995, addressing The Court (Judge Lance Ito):

"MS. CLARK: With respect to--let me first start out with the report then. First of all, you know, Mr. Cochran has argued to this Court in bad faith. He is very well aware of the fact that the Prosecution did not know about this report until it came to the attention at the same time that it did for the Defense, at which point I readily agreed it should be turned over. I had never seen it. I did not direct that it be prepared, I did not know the research was going on. I found out about the report last night and immediately turned it over. That is a far cry from the egregious and willful violations perpetrated on us by the Defense throughout this case, hiding witnesses, hiding reports. And what is very important to point out, Mr. Cochran read your words, but he obviously did not understand them. The words that he read stated that conclusions that are reached by expert witnesses must be turned over. Conclusions of this witness were indeed turned over. And this Court also stated that if instructions were given not to prepare reports, preclusion would be the remedy."

But, As did OJ Simpson's side in his criminal case Illegally cover-up Rocky Bateman, so did the Prosecution Illegally cover-up Rocky Bateman in Simpson's Criminal Case. And of course, this leads to LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito. And in part 3 of this series, Detective Ito is my LEGAL FOCUS...................

Also in part 3, I will talk about The Rocky Bateman/Anthony Pellicano/Dale St. John people connection's, and that's going to expose, well gotta wait for part 3. It will be information that I have NEVER made public.

The OJ Simpson Case


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