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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The OJ Simpson Case--Craig Fawcett, para-legal, stole my money

Before I get into Part 3 of my witness hiding series in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga, this is one situation concerning how I have tried to get legal justice for myself regarding my personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga, other cases, and other situation's.

I have legally tried so many "things" to get certain people on a witness stand in a legal court of law for years. Well, many, many people CAN'T/CANNOT go on the witness stand with me asking the question's and many have avoided that prospect for many reasons....For years I wanted to bring a Civil Lawsuit against many people to get them on the witness stand and get Legal Justice for myself.. Legal Justice comes in many forms...A Civil lawsuit and judgement is just one.

In May of 2004, I decided again I wanted to File a Lawsuit. What stopped me for years from doing this? Reasons. One being I don't trust very many people. So I decided again to try and to represent myself as my own ATTORNEY. I got in the yellow pages again and called some people I had talked to before. These were para-legals just doing the paperwork. I just don't know how to do it myself, and when I file, I wanted the filings to be all at once. I finally talked to a man by the name of CRAIG FAWCETT who owns a para-legal company by the name of EQUAL JUSTICE in Los Angeles (on his business card, Fawcett list's the address of his Los Angeles office as 6600 Topanga Cyn. Blvd. #119, Canoga Park, Ca. 91303, and his Ventura County address he list's as 2724 Baywater Place, Thousand Oaks, Ca. 91362).

On the phone he assured me that it would be confidential (it definitely turned out it WAS NOT confidential), so I decided to meet with him. I gave him some of my OJ Simpson Case paperwork so he could look over what he was going to put in My Lawsuit. I also gave him $850.00 dollars, CASH, which was PAID-IN-FULL for his services. But, many times, I do my work in SECTIONS, thank goodness. He (Fawcett) started calling me and saying he needed more documentation and notes to finish the paperwork, and I smelled a RAT. I had told him to just do the basics because I would fill in the blanks (for obvious reasons for my protection). He insisted he needed more paper work (there's more behind this). I called him and asked if I could have his permission to tape record our conversation. He agreed. Nothing like "IT" in somebody's own words. I caught him lying.

After this Phone Call, I never heard another word from him again, and he still has my money. Does Craig Fawcett think he's going to Illegally steal $850.00 Dollars from me? NO WAY. Somewhere down the road, I am going to LEGALLY NAIL para-legal and conniving criminal Craig Fawcett. I have a reciept from him and I have paperwork from him, that in it reads:
Received $850.00 cash from Mario Nitrini for civil lawsuit paper regarding the continuing criminal conspiacy against Mario Nitrini because of the OJ Simpson saga-the Michael Jackson investigations and other situations... He has his handwriting on it, filling in the blanks, and I also have a RECIEPT from him he mailed to me saying I Paid him $850.00 dollars, and MORE.............

The OJ Simpson Case


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