Legal Justice for me

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Destiny--Legal Justice for Me

I have tried very recently with The ATF and
The LAPD to stop a HUGE TERRORIST Gun-Running/Explosives/Weaponry
happening with many groups Domestic and Internationally.
The United States Government and the LAPD would put their hatred of me,
(with someone(s) threatening to kill me in another assassination attempt)
and the truth in several high-profile cases
(The Biggest the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson)
I have information and evidence in,
ahead of "SAVING LIVES" of many people including women and children………
And NOW, again, I have been threatened with being killed>>>>AGAIN……..
U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E. I want an investigation in this matter.

And, I am being attacked again with me battling Cancer (it's getting worse),
An Irregular Heartbeat (I was in the hospital just recently for chest pains),
And my Hernia is getting bigger, a lot bigger, and causing me just about
unbearable stomach pain at times.

I will be calling 911 and I am going to be making citizen's Arrest's
on the following people for their various crimes against me:

Cheryl Shuman -- KUSH Magazine Cancer FAKER......AND BIG TIME LIAR
Denise Brown -- Sister of Murder Victim Nicole Brown Simpson
Mark Fuhrman -- OJ Simpson Case Liar and Racist Pig
Bill Pavelic ------ OJ Simpson Case Investigator and LIAR
Gloria Allred ---- Criminal EXTORTIONIST/Brown family Attorney in
The OJ Simpson Case
Diane Dimond -- Former TV Tabloid Show “Hard Copy” Employee.
Michael Jackson HATER….And Criminally and Illegally MORE….
Harvey Levin --- TMZ Host and Former KCBS Employee.
Dr Felix Yip ----- Criminal Doctor
LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein
Ronald Y. Ito ( aka Ron Ito) Retired–LAPD RHD Detective who was involved
in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and that I gave information to
which NOW I Know would have led to OJ Simpson's innocence.
I want to see Detective Ito LIE his way out of this one. HE CAN'T……
Kim Goldman Hahn–Daughter of Fred Goldman and Sister of Ron Goldman.

Tom Lange–Retired LAPD RHD Detective who was involved in
The OJ Simpson Case.
SGT. Guiterrez–LAPD Cop who tried to kill me in the early morning hours
of October 4th, 1995.
J.H. Hart–LAPD Cop who tried to kill me in the early morning hours
of October 4th, 1995.
Gil Garcetti–Ex-Los Angeles District Attorney who was involved in
The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.
GIL GARCETTI is a Criminal and Illegal, Corrupt, No-Good Person. He and his staff of criminal
hoodlums made several agreements with me both IN-WRITING and VERBALLY.
They broke several of them, did not honor others, and have tried to sabotage me and take
me out any way they could. Legally Gil Garcetti and his staff (Present and Past)
will honor the agreement's that were made with me…….

Marcia Clark–Co-Lead Prosecutor in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.
Bob Parsons–LAPD Detective who Conspired to Illegally cover-up………………
Stephanie Medina–Former KCAL Channel 9 Employee.
Eric Garcetti–Councilman in Los Angeles, son of Gil Garcetti.
Dana Garcetti–Daughter of Gil Garcetti.
Joe Salvino–LADA Investigator in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.
Lisa Bloom–Court TV Anchor.
Richard C. Wemmer Retired –LAPD Captain Commanding Officer West
Los Angeles Community Police Station.
And I also want the money that is owed to me paid to me.
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley
United States Attorney Andre Birotte and Former Inspector General
for The Los Angeles Police Commission
ALL 3 of you knew I had my Civil Right's Violated several times and
ALL 3 of you Illegally and Criminally
covered that fact up. WHY? I legally want some answers.

And please, let me remind everyone about "ALL" my audio tapes…………
I have 4 that are absolutely UNREAL, and one with an
F.B.I. agent------UNREAL……….

And how about the voice mails I just recently received from 2 different
LAPD cops (One Detective and One Sergeant) and a PROMISE…..
and a "DEAL."
U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte and this article he just recently wrote:
Andre Birotte: Protecting civil liberties a vital goal - LA Daily News
But not when it comes to me, Andre Birotte Illegally and Criminally

All this about The murder of Tupac Shakur and
Biggie Smalls (aka Christopher Wallace)?
from L A Weekly---Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. Murders and ex-LA Times Reporter ... Chuck Philips
I get certain people on a witness stand in a legal court of law (Both Sides)
and I ask the "RIGHT" question's to certain people:
Attorney Bradley C. Gage,
Legal Justice for me: AL-QAIDA-TERRORIST"S-SPIES-OJ Simpson ...
Russell Poole,
Steven Brock,
Attorney Perry Sanders
and others…….
I just might save the city of Los Angeles
Millions of dollars $$$$$,
or, legally depending ….
I might help Violetta Wallace become a Multi-Millionaire $$$$$$$ with
me Mario Nitrini calling to the witness stand in a legal court of law:
LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein
LAPD RHD Detective Ron Ito--Now Retired
and others……..

On Jasper Garrison's Website
Mr. Garrison over many years has insisted that LAPD former
detective Mark Fuhrman personally killed
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman
I have now found out after all these years he was/is right.

And on a final personal note, Nobody here in
The United States of America should have to live their life the
way I have had to live my life since trying to do the RIGHT THINGS
with my personal involvement in
The OJ Simpson case and Saga. And if need be, it "ALL" will legally
be exposed in a LEGAL COURT OF LAW…………

The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case


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