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Monday, April 09, 2007

The OJ Simpson Case--Witness hiding........Part 3

So here's some more of the information that LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y Ito covered-up of mine from The Defense in The OJ Simpson Case Criminal Trial:

During one of our Conversations, Ito (in an Agitated Voice) asked me if I had talked to Simpson's Criminal trial Defense team (His Exact Words were DEFENSE ATTORNEY'S). I told Ito that I had tried MANY, MANY Times to talk to some of OJ Simpson's Attorney's, friend's, business partner's, ect, ect, Whoever they were, but EVERYTIME I was Chased away, "one way or the other."

I told Ito, that for a few seconds, I was on the Phone with Carl Douglas (One of OJ Simpson's criminal case lawyers). Ito asked me what I talked to Douglas about, and I told Ito, "NOT MUCH." But I did tell Ito that I talked to a person (a Lady) in Johnnie Cochran's Office, when Mr Cochran's office was on Wilshire Blvd in 1994, for about a Half an hour, before Douglas got on the phone and hung the phone up on me.

During My 1st conversation with Detective Ronald Y. Ito, one of the thing's I told Ito was that there was a "Plot" to steal as much as OJ Simpson's money as certain people could. Ito was not interested at all about this "Plot" that I talked to him about, He was "REALLY" Focused on Rocky Bateman. I could tell in the tone of Detective Ito's voice that he "SMELLED" something big in The OJ Simpson Case. And, it was Deja Vu............ in The Robert Blake Criminal Trial Case.

More on Detective Ronald Y. Ito in another blog.

Dale St. John has stated in an interview that he drove Marlon Brando in his Limousine. WELL, that's correct. Here are some people connection's. Christain Brando's father, Marlon Brando, employed Robert Shapiro, who was Christian Brando's attorney in the murder of Dag Drollet. Bill Pavelic worked for Robert Shapiro as an investigator, and Anthony Pellicano was/is a CLEAN-UP-GUY. I will go into detail with this situaton in another blog. All is not what it appeared to be in the murder of Dag Drollet.

The OJ Simpson Case


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