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Sunday, December 04, 2011

OJ Simpson--Occupy Los Angeles--and More.....

I filed a lawsuit in downtown Los Angeles on November 9th, 2011
Case # BC473185 related to The OJ Simpson Case and Saga, Occupy L.A.
and More......

On November 17th, 2011, there were media reports here in Los Angeles and on TV,
on the radio, and on the Internet that there was going to be a hearing for a
Temporary Restraining Order that was to be heard the next day regarding
Occupy L.A. Here are a few links:

And there were Many, Many More Reports regarding this situation.
As I watched on TV that evening I wondered to myself>>>Hmmmmm....

Then, the next day the reports were that the "ACTIVIST" and Occupy L.A. DIDN'T SHOW UP.
And then I really wondered, What the Heck??????? Here are a few links of MANY:
It was ALL-OVER the Internet and in the media that the "ACTIVIST" didn't show-up.

THEN, I find out a few days later that it was "ME" that didn't show-up>>>WTH????????
And the ONLY news outlet that reported that it was me that didn't show-up was the
Hispanic newspaper here in los Angeles la Opinion. How in the world can La Opinion be
the only news outlet to report that it was "ME" thatt didn't show-up.
Could it "Possiby" be that it had to do with my personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case
and Saga and a "WHOLE LOT MORE"????????? I would think so.

Here is the link and it is in Spanish:

I translated the article from Google and here it is in English:

"A man of Reseda, identified like Mario G. Nitrini, asked for 9 of November the past a restriction
order so that the Department of Police of Los Angeles (LAPD) does not evacuate the camping of Occupy in City the Hall without previous warning of 30 days.Nevertheless, the legal committee of said IT to Occupy that the measurement was taken by external people to the movement, without the consent of the general assembly.
“One was an unilateral action”, commented Pam Noles, spokeswoman of Occupy.
The Office of the judge advocate general of the City took care of citatorio yesterday that it emitted Department 86 of the Court Superior of the County of Los Angeles to give capacity to the promoted request, but the part plaintiff, Mario G. Nitrini, did not appear.
In order to know what the request treated, lawyer Carol Sobel, like legal advisor of Occupy, appeared to the hearing,
which could not be carried out.
“Still we do not know in question”, said to Sobel yesterday in the morning when finishing the term for the hearing.
The Court informed that it would be summoned to new date for case BC473185.
The demand is against the city of Los Angeles and others, including the solicitor of the USA, Eric Holder, to officials of the LAPD and the Department of Justice, and specific as a case of organized delinquency or “racketeering”.
Mario G. Nitrini, to that could not be located, is considered a regular critical of the LAPD.
The Office of the judge advocate general of the City would be being against at your service solicitd because, according to it indicated spokesman Jenaro Bátiz, do not exist arguments valid that to impose a restriction to him to the city.
On the other hand, Bátiz informed that only yesterday positions against two demonstrators stopped in one of the
two marches of Thursday by resistance to the arrest appeared.
The defendant are Adam Diaz, of 31 years, and one woman whom its name identified like Jane Doe did not give,
of 21 years; who could face a year in prison and a fine of 1.000 dollars."

WELL, there is ONE HUGE PROBLEM WITH THIS. I "DID NOT" file for this hearing. Someone
(a man by the name of Chris "CR" Legal Sr.) said that they were me (False Impersonation) and was in an
Illegal and Criminal Conspiracy with other Occupy Los Angeles people to ride the curtails of my
lawsuit Case # BC473185, UNREAL AND UNBELIEVABLE.........An Attorney by the name
of Peter Thottam also contacted me regarding this matter.

On November 28th, 2011 I decided to find out for sure what was going on in this matter. I went to the
Superior Courthouse Downtown and while I am standing in line waiting to get in, this Chris "CR" Legal Sr. leaves
a voice mail message informing me that there is an Ex-Parte hearing the next day regarding Occupy LA and
what was my availability, and more.......WTH??????? After leaving the courthouse and Department 86
I went back to the Occupy LA Campsite and I spoke with several Occupy Los Angeles So-Called-Leaders
and for sure they "DUMMIED-UP" and knew nothing..... Yea Right........
That did it for me. I went to The City Attorney's office across the street from The Los Angeles City Hall
and I wanted to find out what the heck was going on. I finally got to speak with 2 ladies. I met with
Assistant City Attorney Valerie Flores and Deputy City Attorney Juliann Anderson and they told me that this
Chris "CR" Legal Sr. had come in to the City Attorney's office a few weeks ago saying he was me
giving them a whole bunch of paperwork and that they were informed that they were notified about the
Tempory Restraining Order hearing on November 18th, 2011. AND this Chris "CR" Legal Sr. is
AFRICAN AMERICAN>>>>saying he was Me Mario Nitrini >>>>>>UNREAL......GOOD GRIEF.
This Chris "CR" Legal Sr. from what he told me, was in the legal Committee of Occupy Los Angeles.
And Ms. Anderson then tells me that this Chris "CR" Legal Sr. Guy came in and informed the City Attorney's office
that there was going to be this Ex-Parte hearing and again saying he was me.
No one can make this stuff up.
I'd really had it then. Ms. Anderson wanted me to sign a declaration and I said I would and I
wanted to file a Criminal Complaint against Chris "CR" Legal Sr. and other conspirators. I went across
the street and filed a criminal complaint with officer K. Study Badge # 25521. Then I took the the complaint
back to Ms. Anderson, signed the declaration and gave her a copy of the Police Complaint.

The next day LAPD Detective Brosnan ( Phone # 213-972-1228) calls me for more information regarding this.
I have phone calls in for a return call from LAPD Detective Brosnan and L.A. Deputy City Attorney
Ms. Juliann Anderson (Phone # 213-978-8124.) and I am hoping that they will follow-up with me.

During the day on November 28th, 2011 I had a brief chance meeting with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.
We both agreed on a truce with me and The LAPD and others, based on a Legally depending situation......
It was a positive meeting.
At this time, I am in a Neutral state (LEGALLY DEPENDING) regarding this statement I made:

"Me, Mario George Nitrini 111 being the Plaintiff,
filed a BIG-TIME lawsuit the other day, Case # BC473185, suing The City of Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Police Department, and MORE………pertaining to My personal involvement in The O.J. Simpson Case and Saga, the movement I am involved in—–Occupy Los Angeles— and MORE………
In one of my statements, I state that Los Angeles Police Department:
“Chief Charlie Beck knows knows plaintiff has knowledge of Chief Becks criminal corruption dealing with the real killers(s) of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, being members of his police force. See exhibits C and “D” attached hereto and incorporated herein. Additionally, plaintiff request judicial notice of The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.”
Ex-LAPD Police Department Detective Mark Fuhrman is THE KILLER of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. In my opinion he had help murdering these two people.
NOW, I ( Mario Nitrini ) filed several of my Legal Documents pertaining to my personal Involvement in The O.J. Simpson Case and Saga and entered them in this Lawsuit as Exhibits B and C with other exhibits from A to F2. Please NO ONE try and illegally cover-up or “FORGET” to enter ALL of my lawsuit in the record.
In whatever legal form, these people will be called to give a deposition:
Cheryl Shuman – Denise Brown – Mark Fuhrman – Bill Pavelic – Gloria Allred – Diane Dimond – Harvey Levin – Dr. Felix Yip – LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein – Paul Barresi –Marcia Clark – LAPD Detective Bob Parsons – Stephanie Medina – Eric Garcetti – Dana Garcetti – LAPD Commander Michael Morairty – William Bratton ex-Police Chief of the LAPD – Councilman Bernard Parks – LAPD Segeant Kim – Jeffrey Eglash former inspector General of the los Angeles Police Commision
–Ronald Y. Ito ( aka Ron Ito) Retired–LAPD RHD Detective who was involved
in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga and that I gave information to
which NOW I Know would have led to OJ Simpson’s innocence.
I want to see Detective Ito LIE his way out of this one. HE CAN’T……
Kim Goldman Hahn –Tom Lange -LAPD SGT. Guiterrez—LAPD Officer J.H. Hart
Gil Garcetti.
GIL GARCETTI is a Criminal and Illegal, Corrupt, No-Good Person. He and his staff of criminal
hoodlums made several agreements with me both IN-WRITING and VERBALLY.
They broke several of them, did not honor others, and have tried to sabotage me and take me out any way they could.

Legally Gil Garcetti and his staff (Present and Past) will honor the agreement’s that were made with me…….

Lisa Bloom –
Richard C. Wemmer Retired –LAPD Captain Commanding Officer West
Los Angeles Community Police Station. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley
United States Attorney Andre Birotte and Former Inspector General
for The Los Angeles Police Commission
ALL 3 of you knew I had my Civil Right’s Violated several times and
ALL 3 of you Illegally and Criminally
covered that fact up. WHY? I legally want some answers. And most likely there will be more people called to give a depostion,

AND it could lead to Criminal Prosecution for some of these people and MORE…………
Let’s see ALL of YOU people LIE and ILLEGALLY Cover-up your way out of this one."

Just so EVERYONE knows, I have saved certain telephone messages amd Audio Tapes and have safely put away LOT'S of

Legal Documents in several places. There will be NO MORE COVER-UP involving me, Mario George Nitrini 111 ANYMORE........

The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Cases and Saga
The Robert Blake Case


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Blogger Herbalicious said...

They man who calls himself, CR Legal, who you filed a criminal complaint against has filed another TRO, this time it's against other members of Occupy LA.

If he shows up (which he often doesn't as you have seen), he is supposed to be in Department 75 at 111 North Hill Street, LA, CA 90012 at 8:30 this morning.

His real name is Chris Rosier Tillman Sr. He changed his name to his ex-wife's last name, Legal, to hide his past.

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Blogger Herbalicious said...

They man who calls himself, CR Legal, who you filed a criminal complaint against has filed another TRO, this time it's against other members of Occupy LA.

If he shows up (which he often doesn't as you have seen), he is supposed to be in Department 75 at 111 North Hill Street, LA, CA 90012 at 8:30 this morning.

His real name is Chris Rosier Tillmen Sr. He changed his name to his ex-wife's last name, Legal, to hide his past.

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