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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Biggie Smalls Lawsuit Filed

On KNBC's Channel 4, the website, this article was posted a few hours ago:

Notorious B.I.G.'s Relatives File New Lawsuit Against City

So, Faith Evans and Voletta Wallace, via attorney Bradley C. Gage and his law firm, are putting more legal pressure on The LAPD and The City of Los Angeles. "Whatever" happens in these lawsuit's can only help me in pursuit of my Legal Justice.

And just a reminder about an E-mail that Bradley C. Gage sent to me last year. Here it is:

"Brad Gage"
To: "Mario Nitrini III"
CC:, "Steven Brock" ,
Re: Nomi Fredrick and something I forgot
Thu, 1 Jun 2006 18:38:17 -0700

Hi Mario

It took me a while to find your email. I believe you left your glasses here. They are now in my kitchen.

I wanted to get some information from you regarding your knowlege of Chuck Phillips introducing Anthony Pellicano to Suge Knight.

When did this happen?
Where did it happen?
how do you know it happened?
Were you personally present? If so, what kind of event was it.
Did you report this meeting between the two of them to anyone at LAPD ever?

If so, when, to whom and was it oral, in writing, tape recorded?

I look forward to your response. Thanks."

I met with Brad Gage in his Woodland Hills, California office, at the beginning of May, 2006, and gave him more of my OJ Simpson Case Paperwork, and a couple of audio tapes. The glasses, which are eyeglasses, are a pair of .99 cent store eyeglasses. Awfully considerate of Mr. Gage to save them for me>>>>>>>>>>NOT

He says he couldn't find my E-mail address? BALONEY. I E-mailed Mr Gage several times. An E-mail search IS NOT THAT HARD, even for Brad Gage.

What he really wanted were some "MATERIALS" I have related to Chuck Philips, Anthony Pellicano, and Suge Knight. If Bradley C. Gage wants anymore of my materials, He'll have to Subpeona them.

Now in part of another E-mail I sent to Mr. Gage, I asked him this:

"Also, if you can tell me, have you Deposed Detective Ronald Y. Ito pertaining to The Wallace (Biggie Smalls) Federal Civil Law Suit????"

He E-mailed me back:

"Brad Gage"
"Mario Nitrini III"
Re: Detective Ronald Y. Ito--The OJ Simpson Case and More
Sun, 30 Apr 2006 20:48:56 -0700

and this is some of what he said:

"Hi Mario

We have not yet taken this depo, but if you have copies of complaints or general information on it, I would like to know the areas..............................."
I gave Mr. Gage more paperwork...............

I always wondered if this was true (hadn't taken Detective Ito's deposition yet) considering that LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito was a SIGNIFICANT part of the Illegal Cover-up about what Russel Poole had uncovered in The Biggie Smalls/Tupac Shakur murders. Who Knows? I would like to know though.

The OJ Simpson Case


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