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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

OJ Simpson-Kim Goldman Hahn-Bradley Gage-Biggie Smalls--More...

In this link and article:

Kim Goldman Hahn says:

"Crippling 'the killer' financially is now the only thing that will hurt him."He still has his fame and his wealth, which is why I want to see at least one of them taken from him, in order to secure some sort of justice for my brother."

That is an ALL-OUT-LIE by Kim Goldman Hahn. There are several ways that Kim Goldman Hahn can get, in her words, "secure some sort of justice for my brother." On this blog I made on Pererro :

I lay out several ways that Fred Goldman can get Legal Justice for himself against OJ Simpson for Simpson's part in the killing of his son Ron Goldman. Kim Goldman Hahn can do the same thing.

But Fred Goldman and Kim Goldman Hahn would rather COVER-UP for the Criminal and Illegal deed's of SO MANY people on The Prosecution's side of The OJ Simpson Case and Saga. TRULY SICKENING.....................

In this article: Goldman's family seeks the rights to OJ's book , the item I find MOST interesting, is that Arnelle Simpson is going to be giving a deposition. Should be REAL INTERESTING, if indeed Ms. Simpson is put under oath.

In this link it says:

"A group of officers who filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Police Department will be allowed to review some personnel files belonging to a former internal affairs chief." The Chief is former LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Berkow.

WELL, how about Bradley Gage turning over the paperwork and audio tape's I gave him to Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and The City of Los Angeles regarding LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito, LAPD Captain Richard C. Wemmer, LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein, and information I gave him about Anthony Pellicano, Suge Knight and The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case, and SO MUCH, MUCH MORE.............Oh, but wait a minute, Bradley Gage doesn't want to do that (Turning over what I gave him to The City of Los Angeles), BECAUSE, I gave him some material's and information that are NOT legally very favorable............ to him and some of his plaintiff Client's.

This is going to be a Multi-(2 or 3)-Part Series. Part 2 will be posted in a few days. Some of it will have to do with my Arch-Enemy LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito.

And a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Sweet pea (Vicki) for sending me more priceless information.

The OJ Simpson Case


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