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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The OJ Simpson Case---How It All Started---For Me

How It All Started

At a family wedding in Mid-November, 1993, my Ex-in-Law, Rocky Bateman and I, were in THE LIMOUSINE. Rocky told me that he had overheard Nicole Simpson and some of her Girl friends the month before, talking, while Rocky Was driving them to LAX in THE LIMO, having a Discussion (Plotting) about Stealing as much as OJ Simpson's money as they could. Rocky relayed the Info to OJ, and OJ asked Rocky if he Knew of Anyone who would/could follow Nicole and, according to Rocky, OJ Simpson said: "Find Out who these people were, and, Something had to be done about it." So, in THE LIMO in Mid-November, 1993, Rocky asks me to Follow Nicole. I Declined. Rocky Again asked me at the end of December, 1993, at a Place called Ico-Plex here in The San Fernando Valley, to follow Nicole. Again, I Declined. When I found out about The Murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and that was on June 14th, 1994, I started my Own Investigation into Their Murders, on the Premise of OJ Simpson being Not Guilty. As of that day, June 14th, 1994, for me, WHAT A RIDE.

Being street smart helped me so much when I would go out and investigate. I could go into places that most every person in the world has never heard about.

I had tried so many times in a period of about 6 months, starting in July of 1994 in contacting members of OJ Simpson's Defense team, some of Simpson's acquintences, business partners, ect......................Every time, ultimately, they chased me away, and I wondered, WHY?

Towards the end of November, 1994, I went to this church and told some people there that I had some information that possibly could exonerate OJ Simpson of double murder, but in the process, his people kept chasing me away.

The people at the church called the cops on me. A police officer named Shelly Gayle (SP) came to the church in Sun Valley to interview me. This was the first time that I mentioned Rocky Bateman's name to anyone. I spoke with Gayle for about 45 minute's. Officer Gayle tape recorded our conversation.

Anyway, 5 weeks later, my wife at the time got a phone call from a Detective Ronald Y. Ito. Ito told her that they didn't even have Rocky Bateman driving OJ Simpson. When she told me this, I said WTH? Impossible. Ito told my wife at the time he wanted me to contact him.

Well, 3 hours later I contacted him and I tape recorded him. I have Detective Ronald Y. Ito on tape several other times in different conversations with him I had on different days.

Detective Ronald Y. Ito was a lead chaser for the prosecution in The OJ Simpson Case criminal trial. Detective Ito and others Criminally and Illegally Suppressed ALL of the information I gave to him (Ito), Them, from the defense in OJ Simpson's criminal trial. Ito covered-up parts of Rampart concerning the murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Ito lied in The Robert Blake Cases, and, on a tape entered into evidence in the Blake Civil trial, Ito deliberately (deja vu) did not follow up on a lead given to him by Brian Allen Fiebelkorn that possibly could have lead to other killers and not Blake.

To Be Continued...........

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