Legal Justice for me

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anthony Pellicano-OJ Simpson and MORE.......

I have asked to be left alone, but NOOOOOOO......
I am being ILLEGALLY ATTACKED AGAIN by The Government.
WHY? Because of certain information I have in:

The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case,
The OJ Simpson Case and Saga,
The Mr. Bath Bear Debacle,
And A WHOLE LOT MORE.............LOT'S MORE.......
Like I said before in the blog right below this one:
"I have had my Civil Right's broken several times
due to my personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case
and Saga. Several Federal and State Government people
and Agencies know this and have ignored it." And let me add,
If Government Official's Knew that I had my
Civil Right's Illegally broken and Illegally covered-it-up,
this is a Criminal Infraction, and in this case
Does The Federal Government and/or
The State of California want me to be asking question's
to ANY of these people------:
"LAPD RHD Ronald Y. Ito
LAPD Captain Richard C. Wemmer
LAPD Captain Jeri Weinstein
Former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti
Former OJ Simpson Case Prosecutor's
Marcia Clark and Bill Hodgman
And me legally tying together:
Gloria Allred
Denise Brown
Fred Goldman
Kim Goldman Hahn
Diane Dimond
Harvey Levin
Crag Fawcett
And MANY MORE Civilian People,
Certain Federal Government Employees......
And MANY More State of California Employees............
Which leads me to:
LAPD Cop Sgt. Gutierrez and LAPD Cop Officer J.H. Hart (James Hart?)
Does everyone remember LAPD Swat Officer Randall Simmons
being killed in a gun-battle a few moths ago? Well, if
everyone can recall, there was a Cop friend of his
by the name of James Hart who gave a speech in a church packed with
MANY PEOPLE. Is this the same James Hart (J.H.Hart?) that tried
to kill me, along with LAPD Sgt. Gutierrez, in the early morning hours
on October 4th, 1995,
praising his fallen friend (Randall Simmons) in front of GOD and Lot's of people?"
I think it is.
-----if-and-or-when I legally put them on a Witness Stand in a
Court of Law? Good Grief, there will be a "RECORD SET" of
how many times a person/people take/takes the 5th Amendment
in a Court of Law.

Let me tell everyone this. I have lost just about everything in
my life from Illegal and Criminal Retaliation from many people, and the
many Criminal Deeds that were pulled on
me by these people and certain Government Agencies
because of my personal involvement in
The OJ Simpson Case and Saga, which has gone to
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case,
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case Case,
The Mr. Bath Bear Debacle,
The Robert Blake Case,
The Michael Jackson Case and Saga,
And More..........
Legally I have NOTHING-to-LOSE in legally defending myself in whatever.
I still live in Reseda, California. So if any Government Agency
want's to Illegally bring it on, I will Legally defend myself to

I have really realized with all of the Civil Lawsuit's being brought
with some kind of Connection due to The Anthony Pellicano Federal
Indictment Case, there must be Billion's of Dollars $$$$$$$ at stake.
After reading Cheryl Shuman's sworn testimony, and me picking out
many of her (Shuman's) LIES in her testimony, the City of Beverly Hills
Lawyers should have Ami Shafrir's Lawsuit legally tossed out of court.
NOW I know
why Ami Shafrir E-mailed me back on July 16th, 2006 and wanting
to talk (Try and Sucker Me) with me. I NEVER met face-to-face
with Ami Shafrir (Thank Goodness).

Does everyone know what's really Bizzare? Anthony Pellicano
still has a State of California Criminal Case (To be Prosecuted
by Steve Cooley and The Los Angeles District Attorney's office)
against him involving
Anita Busch and the Steven Seagal fish stuff (Alexander Proctor).
But from what I can gather, Anita Busch is suing The City of Los Angeles
regarding this. Now that's Bizzare.

Back near the end of December, 2006, I had 2 LAPD Sgt's,
Check My MySpace blog of December 28th, 2006:
"The OJ Simpson Case-Anthony Pellicano Case-
LAPD Interviewed me ..."
I never have heard back from LAPD Captain Michael Moriarty,
or LAPD Sgt Heard, or LAPD Sgt Kim. Maybe someday I will
hear back from one of them.

In Cheryl Shuman's LYING-FILLED TRO Restraining Order Complaint
she tried to get on me, she wrote in her complaint that I was the one who
made her have physical illness. Am I person who gave her Cancer?
Good Grief. And I have High-lited her many LIES she has Writtten
in this complaint. It's beyond belief..............
And does everyone know that I tried to get a transcript
of the September 24th, 2007 testimony that Cheryl Shuman gave
in the TRO hearing she brought on me, and that I couldn't even get
a phone call back regarding getting the transcript, and neither
could my Families attorney get a phone call back regarding
the transcript. I know what Ms. Shuman said (MANY LIES) in her testimony.
The LIES that Cheryl Shuman told are beyond Comprehension.
I am just wondering
if some of her testimony in this hearing haven't been illegally deleted. Hmmmm?

According to Cheryl Shuman, Greg Krikorian who works for
The Los Angeles Times, is working on a feature article about me.
I sure hope that Greg Krikorian publishes that Article,

Now let me state that this is the first time since March 16th, 2008,
that I have Blogged, Commented, or Posted on The Internet.

I still live in Reseda, California. I am not hard to find and
I am not hiding from anyone.

There is still A LOT that I have LEGALLY SAVED-UP. I would
really prefer to be LEFT ALONE. I am really tired of having
ALL this Illegal junk brought on me. How about EVERYONE
just LEAVING-ME-ALONE and let me live out my life peacefully? OK?
And, if I am not left alone,
I AM LEGALLY READY TO THE MAX...................

The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case
The Biggie Smalls Federal Lawsuit Case
The Michael Jackson Case and Saga
The Robert Blake Case