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Monday, October 15, 2007

Anthony Pellicano--Steven Seagal--OJ Simpson--Me and more

I have now been accused of Rape by Cheryl Shuman with this:

"From: SamanthaAJones

Provided By:
I'm posting this on behalf of my mom so that she doesn't have to deal with the cyberstalkers here that have done nothing but harass her for nearly a year now. 

Ilene, prides herself on the permaban she claims that she got against my mother. 

My mother made many good friends here over the past year and wants to continue to stay in touch. Although many of you have her private phone numbers and emails. I am posting this on her behalf so that she can tell you what's happening with the legal team and private investigators that have been so helpful in this case against the cyberstalkers and the unfair actions taken against my mother by youtube because of a group of haters that are envious and jealous of my mother.

I am not using my true name here because my account was stolen by Ilene's groupies. But I am proud to be my mother's daughter.

We're all quite aware of the charge. We have a copy of the original rape report, the restraining order against Seagal and Pellicano. Pellicano's own former employees have signed affidavits that Nitrini was the man that attacked My mom in the parking garage and then got fired by Nitrini for not finishing the job. My mother got her restraining order and now Paul Barresi and Bill Pavelic have other evidence that proves that Mario Nitrini in fact was that person and has continued to be obsessed with my mom for years. These are facts, there are police reports, incident reports and the original rape report along with YEARS of documentation of his cyberstalking not just my mother, but Paul Barresi, Bill Pavelic, Marcia Clark, Gloria Allred, Alex Constantine, Joe Bosco, OJ Simpson, Denise Brown, Captain Jeri Weinstein, Detective Ron Ito and many others that are coming forward. Video taped depositions are already in progress. Mario knows very well what he has been doing and several witnesses are prepared to testify when we file a civil suit against him for punitive damages. Your attempt to aid and align yourself with this criminal action, especially when Pellicano's own former employees have named Mario George Nitrini as the rapist holds alot of weight. Especially when many of them are former detectives that Mario has been harassing for years."


Go to You Tube and put my name, mario nitrini in the search engine and you will find this:

"My Mom Cheryl Shuman Delivers a Personal Message...
by Nitrini for not finishing the job. My mother got her restraining order and now Paul Barresi and Bill Pavelic have other evidence that proves that Mario Nitrini in 


From: SamanthaAJones
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and this from Cheryl Shuman using the alias SamanthaAJones:

Judge Shanklin is just the judge on the restraining order against Mario Nitrini. We're going after them in civil and federal court. Shanklin will be out of the picture soon, because this has escalated to federal, criminal and civil torts."

What an ILLEGAL LIAR Cheryl Shuman is...........

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